By Richard Anyebe

It was exactly after my
third day in JSS one (D) at Ogiri Oko Memorial Secondary School, North Bank,
Makurdi that I noticed him. He was entertaining the class with one of Michael
Jackson songs and dance steps in the absence of our English teacher for that
period. He was so busy with the song and almost sang and mimed it like the
original singer, the late King OF POP. A good number of the students cheered
him up, myself inclusive. We soon became friends, blended, but not without the
usual squabbles of friends. We cracked insultive jokes at each other during our
lesson free periods up till when we graduated, which always stirred the class
up with laughter and so much noise that our class was soon tagged ” the
noisemakers”. That was several years ago and today the story has changed. This
is the story of a rising star; this is the story of Levi Amaje.
Early life
Levi Amaje was born in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria. He hails from Kogi state.
He is from the Igala ethnic group located in central Nigeria. He goes by the
stage name of King Levi. He is a Nigerian singer-songwriter, record producer, an
entrepreneur, a graduate of Arts Department (B.A Hons ) in Theatre Arts from
the prestigious Kogi State University.  Mr.
Levi officially started writing music in 2009. His rise to fame was oiled by
his election as the Director of Socials, National Association of Kogi State
Students (NAKOSS), Kogi State University branch, between 2012/2013. This saw
him drop a mixtape album of 5 tracks which he launched at the largest social
event that was ever held in the university which featured popular Nigerian
superstar, Olamide a.k.a.Badoo.

He attended Ogiri Oko Secondary
School in Markudi, Benue State. He enrolled at Kogi state University Anyigba,
where he bagged bachelor degree in Theatre Arts.
While attending KSU he performed at
school organized shows and concerts. He also master of ceremony in weddings.
Upon graduation, he hosted an event in the school stadium which witnessed a
massive turnout with Nigeria superstar Olamide as the guest artist. He
eventually graduated to pursue his musical career.
Although Levi began recording in 2007, his professional
entertainment career did not take off until early 2013 when He moved to Lagos,
where he got signed to his current record label – Infinite Entertainment, where
he released his latest single titled “Ngozi”,
Which He Delivered Almost Perfectly Well to the Admiration of
Fans. The song has been receiving critical reviews and airplay in some major
radio stations across the country.
One Unique Feature Of
The Song Fans Wouldn’t Stop Talking About Is The Artiste’s Ability To Write And
Sing Quite Well In The Igbo Language.
The themes in Levi’s songs
revolve around the violence and hardship in inner cities and other social
problems. With his core message of love, he calls it God’s love whose ideals
were reflected in his songs.
As an entrepreneur, when
asked his take on African development, Levi said Africa needs the fathers love
so Africa can value what they have and invest in human resource, which is part
of his entrepreneurship goals.
With a great voice and meaningful
lyrics, coupled with his ever unwavering Zeal and commitment to This Passion of
His, He is sure the next big thing to watch out for in the country’s Music
Birth name: Amaje Levi
A.K.A: Mr Levi
D.O.B: 3rd February.
Genre: RnB, hip-hop, reggae, afrobeat.
Occupation: singer-songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur
Duration: 2009 – present
Record Label: Infinite Entertainment
Influences: Wizkid, Fella Anikulakpo Kutti, Michael Jackson, Olamide,
Malvin Crew, 2pac, 2Face

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