By Richard Anyebe
Idoma language is a unique simple language which many Idoma sons and daughters
cherish and always want to communicate with it in public. But against this
backdrop, not many of them know how to speak it fluently. And worst still, not
many and even some other tribes (who love the language) know some of the
simplest expressions that are being spoken on a daily basis. 

To ground you in
some of these expressions, Freedom
Sunrise News
therefore presents to you some of these simple expressions and
their translations (replies) in English language:


ENGLISH                         IDOMA                      ENGLISH                                 IDOMA
Morning                  Nma ochi                     Good Morning                             Nma ochi
How are
you                  Agbehii?Abole?              I am alright                                  Mgbehi
afternoon                Nma eno                       Good Afternoon                          Nma eno
How is
the day?               Iche be?                         It’s Good                                     Iche lohi
Evening                  Nma one                       Good Evening                              Nma one
Night                      Nmo gb’ochi                 Good Night                                 Nmo gb’ochi
                   Ochi mene
Welcome                         Ahinya o’wa                  Thank you                                  Ahinya
Have you
arrived?           Agaa ee?                        Yes                                             Ii
How was
your journey?  Iyawu kuo be?               It was good                                 Iyawu a lohi
I hope
you come well?     Mgbela kaawa e bo      Yes                                             Ii
Goodbye                           L’eyi Kwaje/Nmo        Goodbye, Thank you                 Nmo, Ahinya
journey                     Owe ko gbu
o               Amen, Thank you                     Olohi, Ahinya
your people             Hokonu t’ache k’oluo   Okay, I will                             Olohi, Nge h’okonu


         To be continued       


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