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Chief of Staff to Senate President Bukola Saraki, Dr. Hakeem Ahmed-Baba, on Monday, declared his withdrawal as a member from ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) over what he called the party’s poor performance.

Hakeem Baba, who is one of the strong members of APC Akida in Kaduna State and founding fathers of APC as a political party, was quick to say he was not thinking of joining another political party for now, but warned Nigerians not to allow the APC govern them beyond 2019.
The retired federal permanent secretary who made his position known during an interface with newsmen in Kaduna on Monday added that, the development has nothing to do with the President of the Senate, Dr. Bukola Saraki.
According to this technocrat, he took the decision after due consultations with members of his Akida faction of APC in Kaduna and a letter had been sent to the party chairman of his ward to that effect.
He was one time chairman of CPC and APC in Kaduna State. He was later appointed as Chief of Staff to the Senate President about two years ago.
He said, “This statement  is to inform the public of my resignation from APC. I have sent a formal letter to this effect to chairman of my ward.
“This has been a very difficult decision to leave a party I helped to form and made my humble contributions to put in power.
“After three years, however, I need to say that the APC has grossly under-performed and has forfeited any claim to my loyalty and continue membership.
“I do not believe in all conscience, that it should be trusted and encouraged to continue to govern our great country beyond 2019.
“I am not leaving to join another party. This is my decision and mine alone. It has nothing to do with the president of the senate Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki.
“It’s a decision taken after due consultations with Akida Group, a group that has predated my appointment as chief of staff to the President of the Senate.
“I will remain active in politics, as this is the main avenue for salvaging our nation from rising insecurity, poverty and bitter divisions,” he said.
He then thanked the APC for the opportunities he had to chair CPC and APC in Kaduna State.
It could be noted that, within a week now, three strong members of the party had dumped the party in Kaduna State.
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