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In our contemporary world where relationships are
going sore, others dying and yet again, others lack the necessary ingredients
to build a lasting bond in such relationships, it is imperatively important to
mention some fireworks that can make any relationship the centre of attraction
and the envy of those whose own have died.

It is believed that a good woman is the heart and
bridge that can make or mar a relationship. In realization of this most men
therefore carry out one or two things to gladden the hearts of their women in
order to grow and sustain their relationship; while some other men lack the
knowledge of what constitute things on how to please their partners. In view of
this, if you are a man in the latter category, here are twenty ways to please
your woman and strengthen your relationship. The list is however not restricted
to these alone.

1.      Communicate
with her; never close her out.
2.      Regard
her as very important. Make her know she is an integral part of your being.
3.      Do
everything you can to understand her feelings.
4.      Ask
her opinion frequently.
5.      Get
interested in her friends.
6.      Value
what she says
7.      Let
her feel your approval and affection
8.      Be
gentle and tender with her both in words and actions.
9.      Develop
a sense of humour; not humour that portrays folly, but creative and mature
0.    Avoid
sudden major changes without discussion and without giving her time to adjust.
1.    Learn
to respond openly and verbally when she wants to communicate.
1.    Comfort
her when she is down emotionally. For instance, put your arms around her and
slightly hold her for a few seconds without lectures or putdowns.
1.    Be
interested in what she feels is important in life.
1.   Correct
her gently and tenderly
1.  Allow
her teach you without putting up your defense.
1.  Make
special time available to her and your children.
1.  Be
trust worthy.
1.  Compliment
her often.
1.  Be
forgiving when she offends you.
2.  Accept
her the way she is, discover her uniqueness as special.

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