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Heartbreaks are normal life’s phenomenon that people
must experience at one point in time or another and must/should be handled or
managed with care, maturity and wisdom. This is very important in view of its
negative consequences. Such consequences could be personal, family-wise or

Heartbreaks, otherwise known as betrayal of trust or
rejection could be in business or human relationship terms. It often happens
when the heartbroken least expected it, thereby making him/her to want to
respond in a negative manner. But only the matured and wise at heart will
either respond in a civilized manner or keep mute and let it be.

In an intimate relationship between a man and a
woman  where true love is their watchword
it is not uncommon to see either of the party breaking the heart of the other
and walking away from the relationship, due to reasons best known to them.

While both the man or woman is so pained being
heartbroken from their lovers, the man is more devastated, especially if he is
so committed and faithful to the relationship, because naturally men are
egoistic in nature, and to many of them, (except those who have Christ in them)
harm or shattering of their ego is like simply trying to strangle them.

Most men heartbroken are often so pained and
withdrawn from people around them, and for a long time keeps dwelling on the
past, thereby increasing the intensity of the pain. Even when his fellow
friends try to keep him company and make him forget his sorrow, they can never
fill the void in his soul. Only his lover will.

On the other hand a woman heartbroken, though
pained, easily gets over it with the presence of her friends and family who
constantly feed her ears: “Men are heartbreakers, cheats and deceivers. Worry
not, he doesn’t deserve you. There are better men out there. Cheer up, you’ll
be fine.” These consoling lines are further complimented by calls, chats and
company of men, who daily pester her for friendship, and she soon forgets her
pain; a privilege the men folk lack except those who are rich, handsome and
naturally charismatic.

While a lady easily gets over heartbreak and even
forgives the heartbreaker, the same cannot be said of guys as some are so
filled with venom and pain and the urge to hit back at the heartbreakers in
revenge and even go the length of rendering her eternally useless. Stories abound
of ladies who are driven into full blown insanity by their would-be husbands or
lovers simply because these ladies either jilted them or tore their hearts into
pieces. There is the story of a lady who till this day roams the streets of a
particular city and its environs, stark naked, raving mad. The writer of this
piece is a living witness. Sources have it that she broke her would-be
husband’s heart and jilted him. Devastated by the shock and pain, the guy
resorted to the help of a diabolical power to render her useless to herself and
her family, thereby striking her with everlasting madness. The sources further
revealed that the padlock that was used to lock her sanity was thrown into the
river. Vague and untrue as it may sound or seem, it buttress a point:
heartbreaks can be disastrous both to the heartbreaker or receiver. Stories
also abound of men who have killed their lovers or themselves simply because
they were heartbroken.

It is instructive to caution therefore that guys and
ladies should do all they can in order to avoid heartbreaks in their

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