By Ojila Yahaya Monday
Why is it that anytime Buhari is away and Osinbajo takes the lead, the country seems to progress?
The siege on the national assembly yesterday and the decisive action of the acting president confirms the fact that the cabals that control the presidency under Buhari cannot dare same under Osinbajo. This is to say Buhari isn’t really in charge. This is where ineptitude is clearly spelt.
When the legislature is invaded, we don’t shout because of the persons(law makers) affected, we are afraid of our future. We are afraid because it can only get worse should we remain mute in the face of brazen rape of democracy.
These daylight miscarriages of justices confirm that, once a military is a military forever.
“Repented democrat” is a word borrowed from the library of political treachery to voodoo uncritical minds.
Buhari wears the suit of democracy with blackened blood of 1960s military. By implication, we are still in military regime. But military is even preferable given their developmental strides.
No single word can sum this administration except we borrow the words of the IGODOMIGODO of Edo state, Patrick Obahiagbon, where he once described Nigerian as pluto-mobo-kakistocracy…That’s the feast of plutocracy, mobocracy and kakistocracy eating up our Nigeria. Still, it has not really captured the monstrosity of this Buhari-led administration.
A system where criminal certificate forgers are shielded, security architectures are used to break laws they are constitutionally charged to enforce, where court orders are malignantly disregarded and anti-graft agencies become instruments of terrorising the opposition. In a country where number of deaths are compared to the previous administration and people are picked up for speaking against impunity, you know that the society Prophesied by George Orwell in his Animal Farm has come to limelight in Nigeria.
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