Denny Paul, the melodical vibrator has this to offer to the street, “Alhaji” is a unique single by Denny Paul, a Benue artist who has stylistically given vibe to the song making it a most listen to.
“Alhaji” is a one of a kind song that outlines the most important ills in the visible sketch of riches, money brings evil and money that follows evil is bad.  Man who returns from Hajji, and has a lot of money to fool the young around with deceptive tendencies.    
Denny Paul a trending singer who has many songs to his credit, songs such as “Gongon” and more, he is an artist with exceptional creativity which dwells in the body of every hit he is involved. Use what you have to get what you want is not the best for you in “Alhaji” and the young of nowadays.

                                                             Download Here

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