By Ojila Yahaya Monday

Nigeria has, in recent times, witnessed an unarguably effective leadership presence, captained by the erstwhile Osinbajo, the vice president of Nigeria. It’s so that, even opposition leaders and the visibly disgruntled elements have attested to his show of ability in fixing things at this slightest absence of the president.

One then wonders if Osinbajo isn’t ruling a nation noted, under the leadership of Buhari, to be fragile in terms of security (without the will power to contain same), where ministers are noted for sluggishness, where security chiefs disobey the president at will, and cabinet cabals ostensibly have more power than the president, dictating for the nation.

Recall that Buhari has taken a ten-day working vacation, for which in his absence, Osinbajo is to steer the ship of the nation. In these days, the nation has registered unequivocal positive events.

For laying siege on National Assembly, Osinbajo ordered the immediate removal of Lawal Daura, what Buhari may never have done. This singular feat gripped others at the security levels that the IG of police, within five hours, embarked on the total overhauling of SARS, as ordered by the vice president. This was the same IG sent to Benue but decided to call at Nasarawa.

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Almost all the ministers attended the FEC meeting 30 minutes to the pegged time, as the no-nonsense stance spelt fears among the hitherto unpunctual ministers.

Let’s reason here. These feats were achieved against the backgrounds of blame game: Previous administration handed over a fragile nation; resources were looted; more people died in Jonathan’s administration and what have you.

Osinbajo did those without party sentiment and emotional or political colouration.

Why is it that there seems to be fresh air in Nigeria when Baba is away and Osinbajo takes the lead?
Between Buhari and Osinbajo, who has integrity?

If anyone can argue that Buhari has integrity, in the face of security conspiracy, flagrant disregard to the rule of law, suspension of federal character principle in his appointments, selective fight of corruption or mission of vendetta, using neutral bodies to witch-hunt non APC members, his banal utterances and the general woeful state of affairs, using facts and figures, I will go for medical check up. If not, Buharits need to do that. The fact is, you cannot deploy the resources of logic to argue that Buhari has integrity. Supporting Buhari is an invitation to suspend logic and common sense. you can’t argue Buhari has integrity. Except integrity means otherwise for his supporters.

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If APC wants to retain power, it must be brave to let Buhari know that he’s incompetent by all standards; age, agility, contemporary intelligence, name them! And, by way of overhauling, bring Osinbajo to contest in 2019.Anybody other than Osinbajo from APC is a no-go-area.

To build a great nation, the citizens must learn not be sentimental.

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