By Okwori Adewu

exactly is a woman who knows her worth? Well not only does she have a learned
knowledge of who she is and how she should be treated, she also has an
understanding. Have you ever known people who have lots of knowledge but they
don’t seem to truly understand things? This principled woman knows what time it
is, and she understands exactly what she deserves. She has wrapped the girdle
of truth around her tightly and there is nothing flabby about her.

The sum total of the
deal is this:
*She knows she is in
the eyes of God and understands her worth. 
*She is firmly
committed to not living beneath your privilege. 
*She Always see herself
“seated in heavenly places” (Eph 2:6) with rich inheritance. 
* She doesn’t allow
herself to be mishandled by someone who is a spiritual and emotional
* Her position isn’t
something she boldly proclaims, but everything about her actions and the way
she carries herself says it; if you get my drift. 
* “Who can find a
virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies” (proverbs 31:10).She knows
that she is a valuable jewel and that the right discerning eye will see her
worth and acts accordingly. 
* A woman who knows
her worth is not only a woman of unsurpassable character, she’s “got it
going on” in every way. Her head, heart, and spirit are together and she
has developed and actively using her gifts. 
* She is a person who
draws others to herself because she has something that everyone wants. She has
a certain Joy of life that comes from being comfortable with whom she is.
* She is a well-kept
lady. She keeps herself reserved for those things that are deserving of her
attention. She doesn’t get distracted by or caught up in things that are not
edifying or uplifting to herself or to those in her world. 
* She keeps her
affections closely guarded and never freely tosses them to the wind in the
hopes that someone will catch them.
* She is a first class
pilot; she soars above negativity and other people’s trivial opinions. She
knows where she’s going and what she wants, and she doesn’t land until she sees
her destination and gets clearance from God.  
* She understands and knows
that when she decides to rise above the negativity in her life, she will find
the crowd thinning the higher she goes. 
* Not to worry! There
may be fewer people, but they are a whole lot nicer. 
* She is comfortable
flying solo; she knows that she’s never really alone. She only wants a highly
qualified co-pilot to fill the seat beside her.   

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