Glo Haul – The 6 Gold medals won by Glo commercials 2. The 2 Silver and 4 Bronze medals won by Glo audio-visuals

Creative television commercials and radio jingles produced by Globacom in 2018 have been adjudged as top notch at the 2018 Lagos Advertising and Ideas Festival where they hauled 6 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze medals.

The Globacom commercial tagged “ Rhythm” which drew parallels between African dance moves and tactical football gestures like ‘heading’, ‘scissors kick’ and ‘leg overs’ aired during the 2018 World Cup in Russia won gold in three categories, namely Film Corporate Image category, Travel, Tourism and Entertainment category of Film and Best Production Design and Art Direction in Film Craft. The commercial demonstrated that African football moves are inspired by the rhythm of African dances. The production renders the transitions in simple and perfectly timed morphs. This allows the brand to demonstrate its support for football passion in Africa. It features dance steps from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Senegal and Kenya.

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Other Globacom campaigns that won gold medals at the awards recently held at the Landmark Event Centre, Lagos, included “Glo Flatmates” which led in Film Promotions and “Glo Spoken Words” adjudged the best in Radio Telecoms Products and Services as well as Radio Craft (Best Use of Copy). ). “Glo Flatmates” leverages on the controversial trending topic of who makes better jollof rice between Nigeria and Ghana? Rather than taking sides, the commercial subtly uses jollof rice to bring everyone together. This was done to promote the Glo-sponsored comedy festival in Ghana, Glo Laffta Fest.

Similarly, “Glo Rhythm” also won silver medal in Film Promotions, while “The Chase” clinched silver in Best Film Editing in the Film Craft category.

Globacom campaigns that garnered bronze medals included “Glo Laftgasm” in the Film Travel, Tourism and Entertainment category , “Experience the legendary game” which won bronze in the Film Telecom Products and Services, the “Spoken Words” in Radio Craft (Casting and Performance) and “Glo Data Unmatched Unfair Advantage” adjudged bronze winner in the Campaign Category. . “Glo Laftgasm” is a compilation of different types of laughters by various iconic comedians billed to perform in the Glo Lafftafest. The comedians acted out the various types of laughters – from the guttural, to the rapsy, to the musical and the guffaw.


X3M and SO&U, the two marketing communications agencies servicing Globacom, picked the medals for the campaigns at the award ceremony.

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