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A hairstyle has caused a
24-year-old photojournalist, Yinka Badmus his freedom as he is currently
cooling off at the Ikoyi Prisons.

The Journalist was reportedly
arrested on New Year eve, while eating noodles, at Pedro Bus Stop, Gbagada by
policemen attached to the Lagos State Anti-Cultism unit for wearing dreadlocks,
which the officers allegedly said made him look like a cultist.

It was gathered that after Badmus
was detained, the policemen allegedly refused to allow him to contact his
relatives or friends.

Badmus was able to send a message
to his relatives on January 3, through a detainee, who was granted bail. The
detainee contacted Badmus’ relatives explaining to them that he had already
spent three days in detention, contravening the stipulated instruction that
every suspect must be charged within 24 hours. …

 Badmus’ relatives contacted his boss, Stephen
Oguntoyibo, Chief Executive Officer of Talk Village International, to help
secure his bail.

It was gathered that when Stephen
Oguntoyibo went to bail Badmus at the station, he was shocked to see the Police
conveying him and other young men in a Black Maria to Ogudu Magistrate’s Court,
Lagos, where he was eventually arraigned and remanded.

According to Oguntoyibo,
“at the Ogudu Magistrate’s Court, the resident judge asked that Badmus be
granted bail and a lawyer in the magistrate court was attached to us.

“The lawyer subsequently
requested for the following: means of ID proof, house rent receipt, NEPA bill,
company ID and tax payment receipts for two years.

“He also received N10,000 and
later the lawyer demanded another N20,000 for his service, with a promise that
he would have a meeting with the judge and, thereby, effect Badmus’s release.

“On Tuesday, I called the lawyer
with the intention of submitting the requested documents, so the boy can be
released. The lawyer, again, demanded another N25,000 for bail bond, and also
made me know that I would have to pay police for verification and other
processes. Meanwhile, the boy has been remanded in Ikoyi Prison.”

Oguntoyibo disclosed that he had
been inundated with phone calls from prison, alerting him of Badmus’
deteriorating health.

National Coordinator of the
Network for Police Reforms in Nigeria, Okechukwu Nwanguma, furious over the
journalist’s continued incarceration, said: “The Police officer was quoted as
saying the guy was arrested because of his hairstyle.

“Where in the law is a hairstyle
a crime? And why did the Police officer go ahead to charge him?
 “Since he was granted bail, why did the lawyer
keep making financial demands from the surety, including money for the Police
to go and verify the surety’s residence? Isn’t that unbecoming of a lawyer?

“The innocent guy is languishing in prison,
reported to be very sick, all because of a lawyer’s greed.”  

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7 thoughts on “Hairstyle lands Journalist in Ikoyi Prison”
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  2. I said this before that our journalist lack the ethics of the profession by not confirming or hearing the other sides of the stories before rushing to press. Some ignorant fellows chose to believe any thing and every thing read because the police was mentioned. Yinka Badmus in Prison
    I think the can now learn to understand to how these so called journalists and politicians are the twin problems of nigeria.

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