By Monday Ojila Yahaya

Recall my first open letter to Godday Samuel, member representing Apa/Agatu Federal Constituency was greeted with uproarious vents, both encouraging and acerbic. I got phone calls sequel to this, from his sympathizers and media aides.

Prominent among reasons adduced that I give Hon Godday Samuel quality time to reel out from the events before and after the election was, that he sold almost all his properties, spent hundreds of millions on the election, after which came litigation, wherein, too, he spent hundreds of millions to legalise the mandate given to him based on trust, and with the hope of ensuring a paradigm shift in the governance of our constituency, hitherto imperiled with self-inflicted vice of Koboko governance.

The argument tilts that, although given the avalanche of allowances given to him before the start of his tenure, and the constituency allowance given to him barely some months after, which is primarily meant for developing the constituency, it will take some years to reimburse the hundreds of millions spent on election and litigation, before he thinks of any meaningful project execution in the constituency.

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By implication, therefore, any hope of scholarships and infrastructural developments are hereby paused, pending when he’s recovered the money, and stuffed enough for his family and future political adventure. By the time he’s done, we may be left with some days or non before his tenure expires, and the circle of Koboko governance in Apa/Agatu prospers.

The aftermath of the letter saw Hon Godday  Samuel donating N500 thousand to Auke ward for the construction of the road linking Oweto Road, and another N500 thousand to Oiji ward for another project, to which prominent members of the ward donated too. These are the verifiable projects so far upon assumption of office over a year ago. When this money is multiplied, you have one million, as compared to a hundred of millions given to him annually as constituency project.

What’s sad is not the one million from a hundred of millions for projects that would most probably resurface, but the way and manner in which the youths who are at the receiving end of leadership Coronavirus thundered his praises, giving the impression that he’s over-performed.

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From my letter too, I complained bitterly of his grave silence in the floor of the house, and the honorable member spoke, for the first time, on the ASUU strike. I commend him on this even though he spoke with an affected confidence, and declared himself the owner of Labour Party, obviously wanting to say he’s the national leader of LP for having the highest political office in the party, more like the member representing Oju Constituency, declared himself an Igede Nation. Subsequently, he would improve and make us proud.

For those of us who believe he should be given time, it may interest you to know that a  house of representatives member from Plateu State, celebrated his one year in office, giving his stewardship by providing scholarships to over a hundred members of his constituency; constructed an ICT centre, stuffed with modern computers; and renovated almost the primary and secondary schools in the constituency. He’s a first timer too.

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You can also investigate the performance of the member representing other constituencies.

I humbly suggest, as an educational enthusiast, that the member representing Apa/Agatu Federal Constituency provides a systemic scholarship program for undergraduates and the best Jambites should be identified and encouraged.

A lot of our pupils and students still learn under dilapidated structures, and terribly moribund educational facilities, with no modern computers. The honorable can utilize this opportunity and renovate schools across the constituency.

Do not mistake my activism; my job as a comrade is to make our leaders responsive, responsible and accountable!

God bless Hon Godday Samuel and his family! I wish you well!

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