By a Concerned Citizen

We all enjoy propaganda so much that we find it difficult to dig deep for truth thereby believing every cheap story we hear.

We were all made to believe Abu and his father are greedy, they are selfish, they are working for Bello and all  manner of nonsense which are far from the truth!


Why Did Abu go to court?

He went to court to address a wrong,and to prevent it from reoccurring. You may ask

what is the wrong?

Listen now!

During the primary election some votes got missing, those votes belongs to a candidate. Who is that candidate and why did the votes disappear?

Amongst other reasons, Abu Idris is out to ascertain the reason for the missing votes and why they got missing. ? Those vote needs to be accounted for. The missing votes was a deliberate plot to frustrate his liberation mandate for the kogi people. Remember “the only condition necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to sit down and do nothing”. If this is not properly trashed out, PDP may likely never have a credible primaries again.

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During the primaries, a particular candidate illegally smuggled ballot papers numbering in hundreds, all in the name of getting ahead of others. Any house built on a faulty foundation cannot  stand. The delegates wants him(Abu Idris), he is their preferred candidate and as such, he must do all to ensure their franchise is not mischieviously snatched away.

Let’s not allow hatred override our sense of jugement, let’s learn to get facts straight.

Abu Idris went to court not to nullify or invalidate the PDP primary election but to establish the fact that the primaries actually held and he is the authentic winner.

His prayers before the court is in no way connected to the judgement the court gave. He is not oblivious of the dangers of rendering the entire primary election process invalid. He is not naive to damn the consequences of asking the court to cancel the entire primary election. He is only demanding his rightful position.

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Have you asked yourself why he appealed the judgement? If the judgement given is what he requested of the court, going for an appeal won’t have been necessary. It’s absurd to appeal a judgement given in your favour.

My eyes are clear now that I know the truth, for you shall know the truth and it will certainly set you free. No man Tolerates cheating, No one will sit right before his watchful eyes and allow what is for him to be taken by another. This is not About his father nor his status, it is not an offence to be born into the family of Alhaji Ibrahim Idris, being a son of a former governor doesn’t truncate his rights to vote and be voted for. This is man’s inhumanity to man and it must be dealt with decisively.

From a concerned Citizen.

Let us support Abu Idris to fight for the truth and get justice. The Era of supporting what is evil is long gone.

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