By Susan Maina

Applaud Yourself COVID-19
While we enjoyed freedom
Chatting and watching
You whined your tiny waist
In multiple horns flexing your muscles
Whistling in the streets feeling bossy
To your hideouts!
Stay hidden!
Do not Show your faces
Lest i  devour you!

File photo of Coronavirus 

Applaud Yourself COVID-19
For you we shrink and curle
Like some frail frightened snails
In hiding we are  not hidden
In our shells the arrows pierce our backs
The bullets shoot our hearts
The knives cut our bellies
Where are we safe?
In our shells being pierced by robbers
In our shells being shot by herdsmen
In our shells being cut by hunger

Applaud yourself COVID-19
You deemed our lights
You  stole our laughs
You exposed our greed
You ridiculed our infrastructure
You united our families
You shut down our schools
You graced parental curriculum to kids
You frightened us all alike
You lectured us all at a time
Applaud yourself COVID-19

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Susan Maina writes from North Central Nigeria. 

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