An alleged serial blackmailer, Mohammed Zangina, is currently cooling his heels in police custody following his arrest by the police.

Mohammed Zangina 

The arrest comes after he threatened to release the nude photos of an eighteen (18) years old woman, if she refused to come and have sex with him in Keffi, Nasarawa State. 

Zangina was said to have severally blackmailed the lady and had her send him money.

This was disclosed by Nollywood actor, Ramsey Nouah on Friday night in a facebook post on his page.

The actor said the suspect displayed “impressive skills in evading sting operations”, himself another person named Omojuwa set up to arrest him. 

Nouah said the sting operation was in collaboration with the Keffi Division of the Nigeria Police Force

According to him, Zangina’s number was on Friday morning discovered to have been registered on Truecaller as “Namiji Mai Sharri.”

Suspect’s name on truecaller 

He added that it’s Hausa phrase for “the blackmailer.”

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Below is his full post 

This is just the beginning of his problem. 

Having serially blackmailed a girl under 18 and got her to send him money, Mohammed Zangina threatened to release her nudes in his possession unless she’s able to come to Keffi to have sex with him.

Omojuwa and I compared notes on a sting operation that got him caught today.

When we got Mohammed Zangina’s number this morning, we found out his name was registered on Truecaller as “Namiji Mai Sharri.”

It’s Hausa for “the blackmailer.” This alone alarmed us to note that Zangina is an expert in this business and must’ve preyed on many defenseless women. 

Zangina demonstrated impressive skills in evading sting operations.

When the girl was asked to play along and go to Keffi from her faraway hometown as he demanded, he got her to keep on taking photos of her surroundings throughout her trip. I drove her to Keffi from Abuja. 

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When we got to Keffi, a friend of ours at the Police Headquarters in Abuja contacted the DPO of the Keffi Division, and their support was overwhelming.

They instructed their men to enact our sting operation, and so we allowed the girl to be a bait. He was one fish hard to catch. 

At their rendezvous, he kept instructing the girl on the phone to make aimless moves while he studied the surroundings.

The plainclothed policemen acted as unsuspecting passers-by, with one even pretending to haggle price with a sugarcane seller. It was impressively professional. 

Finally, he took the bait and that’s the end of what promised to be a nightmare for that long-tortured minor.

We caught him and had him bundled to the police station. He had nudes of so many women saved on his phone, which is now with the police. His problems have just begun.

The blackmailer had had so many aphrodisiacs before he came to pick her up at the rendezvous and was ready for the promised “good time” when we caught him.

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He took various drugs in preparation for her visit, and now that erection would be tested in the cell among male inmates.

The blackmailer claimed he has a wife and two kids, and a certain “Wifey” kept calling his line while he was with the police, probably wondering why he had not returned home from whatever it is she thinks he does.

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