By Enenche Enenche 

Born 291 days after Nigeria’s independence on the 19th of July, 1961, his conception occurred around the late hours of colonial rule in Nigeria or the early days of Nigeria’s Independence because he was born 9 months, 18 days from the date of Independence (October1st, 1960). Mr Peter Obi is a man of destiny.

He rose through life to become a celebrated banker, a businessman and a great politician. He has inspiring academic credentials that he has been able to transform his knowledge into business entities that spread on and off the shores of Nigeria.

He is humane and humble, I ran into him twice and I must confess, his soft voice is so captivating that when you encounter him all you see in him is “innocence” and humility.

He was governor of Anambra state, Nigeria’s state with the highest per-capita income and least poverty index and he was a vice-presidential candidate in 2019 to a former Vice President, who is the current presidential candidate of the main opposition party, the PDP, Atiku Abubakar when they contested and lost against the incumbent, President Mohammadu Buhari’s second term election.

Like the 2019 Presidential elections, I voted for the ex-Central bank chief Kingsley Morghalu because he fits into my ideology of the Nigeria of my dream, I knew he was not going to win, but I voted for him to motivate him that some Nigerians share in his dreams and passion for Nigeria. Kingsley just lost his presidential primaries and if there is anybody that is closest to anything Kingsley Morghalu represents, that person is Peter Obi, but I have my reservation about him.

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Today, Peter Obi has because a media sensation. Unemployment, inflation, insecurity and poverty indexes have skyrocketed under the current government. While the government blames global economic dynamics for these negative developments, the younger generation and youths don’t want to listen, they see Peter Obi as a platform for venting their anger on the government and to “correct” the current abysmal performances of the current government.


I. Elections are not won on social media, they are won in polling units. The current vice-president has one of the best, if not the best media presence, but lost his primary election. The media sensation hyping Peter Obi is good, if the election is to take place tomorrow he is likely to pull a big surprise, but as it is, the elections are months away, and in politics, One Day is a long time for things to spin out of control.

I expected Peter Obi to have merged forces with Kwankwaso’s New Nigeria Party (NNP) to have a stronger north base support, but going to Labour Party is likely to affect the political interests of his zone.

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He is likely to divide Atiku’s southeast base, further giving the ruling APC an upper hand. APC is sure of the south-west, with Obi dividing Atiku’s stronghold in his south-east, at the end of the day, he may plunge his people into another four years in opposition.

Peter Obi has been trending on social media, but for the men and women who are not on social media, who is speaking to them about Obi?

I have travelled to 32 out of 36 States in Nigeria, and I have interacted with many Nigerians in all my many encounters, I can authoritatively tell you that southwest and south-south will not vote for Obi, relying on the Christian votes in the north is not a reliable move.

In northern Nigeria, only my state Benue, then Plateau and Taraba are fully in control of Christians, but in these states, voting is along tribal lines, tribes vote in a pattern to counter each other… Like in Benue, Idomas and Tivs are always voting in opposite directions, the same with Igbira and Igalas in Kogi, or Biroms and the remaining ethnic groups in Plateau.

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In the States of the north, even where you have sizeable numbers of Christians like Nassarawa, Gombe, Bauchi, Borno, and Adamawa, the Muslims are the ones in control of the social-economic life-wires of these days. In Nassarawa state for example, the only place you find Muslims are in Keffi, the state capital of Lafia and partially in Nassarawa Local Government, but in that state, Muslims control the political structure.

While you shouting “Obi-deient” on social media, until I see a formidable alliance of Peter Obi in the north, I will not take his social media waves seriously.

APC has southwest, and will struggle south-south with Atiku. Where will Peter Obi’s vote come from?

I conclude with this, you that is reading this write-up, is there Labour Party in your village or Local Government? If yes where are they? If know No, what are you doing about it? 

May God bless Mr Peter Obi and his dream to transform Nigeria.

To be continued… Next is Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of PDP.

Enenche Enenche

Abuja, Nigeria.

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