By Enenche Enenche 

When you reveal Christ to them, they will naturally give. Never make them give out of fear, for without faith, it is impossible to please God (Hebrew 11:6) so when they give out of fear, it may be pleasing to you the “Altar Capitalist”, but not to God.

I love giving and am not against giving in any way. What I am voicing against is equating tithe to the Redemptive Work of Christ or trying to use Malachi to invalidate Galatians- Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the … (3:13).

Let giving be as led, “for as many that are led by the Spirit of God, are the sons of God” (Romans 8:14). When people are allowed to give as led, they may give 10%, 20%, 30%, even 90% or 100%. They can be led to pay Tithe, that is between them and their God and not because of a curse or one window of heaven will close over them.

Giving is one of my strengths, I love giving. I am not a perfect man, I have my imperfections. I am a mere mortal that the grace of God is helping. I didn’t drive my first car. In 20013 When it came, I heard it was a seed and I never started the engine, not even for once. Since then I have given four cars. My target was to make it 40 cars when I am 40 years.

I have sown my house rents severally and have paid for some persons too. I have woken up in the middle of the night to call some persons to send them money as led.

I give you a practical example, when I came to Abuja I was squatting, and I didn’t have a house. I had three places I was staying randomly. When I see that I was staying in a particular place for too long, I changed base. This time I was staying with my friend Omafu John Mfrn  and he came home to tell me that there was road construction going on somewhere in the suburbs of Abuja and he witnessed demolitions of houses and shops but one that touched him was a widow with two children. Her house is her shop and she just borrowed money to pay her rent. Deep in my spirit I heard go and find the widow. It was in September 2011. He took me and went, before we got there I remember I branched Skye Bank Maraba ATM to withdraw everything in my account.


We went to the widow, she gathered her things under a mango tree, I walked to her and said these words; “YOUR GOD SAID I SHOULD GIVE YOU THIS” and we left. I didn’t know what I was doing, I just did as prompted. Exactly 7 days after, a man I met here on Facebook, Paul Ankwa Edeh gave me a house I moved in without paying anything. I lived in that house from September 2011 to November 2014. I am tagging them so that you can go and verify.

On October 9th 2014 I had a 100 US dollar bill, it was a gift, I didn’t have fuel and wanted to change it, but had this sharp voice to take it to Rev Abraham Isaiah. I went to him and gave him. I told him that I am giving him this money because I am led not because I had another one. He told me it was God because his pregnant wife and a daughter were at home and he was figuring out how to buy fuel to go for some engagements. I left the house, four days later on Monday 13th October 2014 at the 40th Mrs Blessing Mutum, wife of a member of parliament, Rt Hon Nicholas Mutum, the Governor of Delta State His Excellency Emmanuel Uduaghan was in attendance, when he was leaving he was shouting WHERE IS THE MC? I moved toward him, he gave him 7,500 US Dollars. 

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I am writing all these about myself, I have countless examples, and many people can attest here. A pastor was travelling from Abuja to Makurdi and I didn’t know. I just had his prompting to send him money, I did and called him and he began to cry on phone. He told me he was travelling with less than half a tank of fuel to minister in a young minister’s church, that the fuel was not going to reach Makurdi but every effort he made to get money before leaving, was not successful. He stepped out by faith. He planned that when he gets to Lafia, the largest town he will pass to Makurdi, he will stop to see some of his minister friends.

Now you should know that the person who is writing also has a relationship with God. Let giving be as led and not as induced. People around me know that nothing turns me off like waking up to throw financial need and not giving me time to process it. Any giving that put you under instant pressure IS NOT OF GOD.

A “Prophet” once told me that he saw international doors opening for me but I need to give him a seed. In all honesty, I wanted to give him to fulfil all righteousness, but I didn’t have and told him I was expecting some money, few days later he called if the money I was expecting had come. I blocked his phone number from calling me. If this pattern is the only way “the international door will open, I better remain and die here”. You can never put me under pressure to give… It will not work.

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When a “clergy” becomes an activist on social media on the subject of tithe, I laugh. Do you think it is your activism that will make them give? If your tool of fear and control breaks and their eyes clear like they are opening now, they will come after you. That is what is happening in Nigeria. Many man-made doctrines are failing the people and they are revolting.

The tithe thing is about self, and interests and not necessarily about Christ. When was the last time any of the “altar activists” direct you to feed the poor, visit the sick, go to visit prisoners, and give water to those who are thirsty? Jesus taught us to do these because he said whatsoever you do to the least of thy brethren, that you do unto me. These men have wired everything to themselves and taken Christ off the picture.

When you teach your followers 2 Corinthians 9:6-7, you don’t need to tie them down to give with a Mosaic law or reduced yourself to a “Tithe Activist” panicking at the slightest mentioning of tithe. 

It pays to give to God’s work, but if your faith does not carry to give, eat it… your salvation is untouched, and neither will any devourer near you. But if you are not paying, don’t discourage those who are led to give (mind you I didn’t say PAY), as long as they are giving as led and not as intimidated, leave them to their faith alone.

Good morning Nigeria!

Enenche Enenche 

Abuja, Nigeria.

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