By BAO Halisa Halilu Isah

Iga Okpaya is truly a Blessed city in Idoma Land. The first city in Idomaland to considered education as light, progress and development of a community. 

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Iga Okpaya-The first to had crown educated person in 1982 as The Traditional Chief, His Royal Highness, Chief P.S. Adoba Agabaidu of Iga Okpaya (now in His Ancestors Domain). He ruled for over 40 years. This Great city (Iga Okpaya) established Traditional Democracy made up of two Arms:

The Traditional Executive arm and the Traditional Legislative arm. 

These two arms are together referred to as The Council of Chief, Igabos’ and Clan Elders. 

The Traditional Chief of Iga Okpaya, His Royal Highness, Agabaidu of Iga Okpaya is the Chief Executive (President). 

Other Executive Members in the traditional Democratic cabinet in Iga Okpaya are His Igabos’ namely:

Aadu with his respectful greetings as Joko. Followed by

Ochayi       – Ijele

Amana     – Abo

Adokanya – Itodo

Omadachi gopu- Kaula

Omadachi giponu- Kaula

(There are always two Omadachis’

Omadachi-Gopu (from the Clan of the predecessor Chief) and Omadachi-Giponu (from the Clan of the present Chief).

These Traditional Executive Members Positions in Iga Okpaya had never created problems because of the Rotational and Orderliness arrangements of Selection and appointments of members of the Council of The Chief, Igabos’ and Elders in Iga Okpaya Traditional Democracy which started in many decades by Iga Okpaya Ancestors.

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The Traditional Executive arm of Iga Okpaya is in Rotational and Orderly arrangements among the six clans of Iga Okpaya.

The chief Executive who is the Traditional Chief, His Royal Highness, Chief Agabaidu P.S.Adoba who had just gone to His Ancestors’ Domain) is from Ogbeche Clan,

Aadu –Joko (Okwoli clan)

Ochai—Ijele (Ochonye clan)

Amana–Abo (Otache clan)

Adokanya–Itodo (Ejetu clan)

Omadachi-Gopu (Alatajila clan) and finally Omadachi-Giponu (Ogbeche Clan) which also has the  Traditional Chief.

As the Traditional Chief and the Chief Executives of Iga Okpaya Traditional Democratic Government, His Royal Highness, Chief P.S.Adoba, the Agabaidu of Iga Okpaya had traveled to join his Ancestors.

Automatically the Aadu Joko of Iga Okpaya (AaduJoko Ochayi Atabo Otache from Okwoli Clan) will Superhead the Council of Chiefs, Igabos’and Elders of Iga Okpaya to do the Traditional burial rites of the late Chief Agabaidu P.S.Adoba of Iga Okpaya who had traveled to join his ancestors. This Traditional burial rites which were superheaded by Aadu Joko Ochayi Atabo Otache in agreement with all Igabos’and elders of the six clans of Iga Okpaya were efficiently, successful, peaceful and lovely done. May the soul of our beloved Chief, Agabaidu P.S. Adoba rest perfectly in peace with his ancestors in the bosom of God.

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The great sons and daughters of Iga Okpaya are now waiting for the Okwoli clan to present Mr. Ochayi Atabo Otache – The Aadu Joko Ochayi Atabo Otache of Iga Okpaya (who had Superheaded the burial rites of the late Chief) to be coronated and crowned as the Royal Highness, the Traditional Chief, the Agabaidu of Iga Okpaya.

After the coronation and crowning of Aadu Joko Ochayi Atabo Otache of Okwoli Clan – as the Next Royal Highness and chief executive of the Iga Okpaya traditional council of chief, Igabos and elders.

Then there will be an automatic, orderly and peaceful rotation of Members of Traditional Executive arms of government in Iga Okpaya among the six Clans as below:

Ochonye clan will produce  Aadu — Joko

Otache Clan (Ochayi—Ijele)

Ejetu Clan (Amana–Abo)

Alatajila Clan (Adokanya—Itodo)

Ogbeche Clan (Omadachi-Gopu, Kaula) and finally Okwoli Clan) in addition to the New Traditional Chief will also produce Omadachi-Giponu, Kaula.

The Second Arms of Traditional Democratic Government in Iga Okpaya is the Traditional Legislative Arm which is the Council of Elders. Members are the Eldest Sons from each of the six Clans of Iga Okpaya. In this Arm, there is no Election, Selection, Appointments or Rotation of members but strictly by Birth right(Age). The Eldest among the Six Elders of the six Clans of Iga Okpaya is the Onyagoche gi’ Iga Okpaya. 

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Members of Traditional Democratic Government of Iga Okpaya during the reign of His Royal Highness Chief Agabaidu P.S. Adoba were:

1)The Traditional Chief, Agabaidu ( from Ogbeche clan)

2) Aadu Joko (from Okwoli  clan)

3) Ochayi Ijele (from Ochonye clan)

4) Amana Abo (from Otache clan)

5) Adokanya Itodo (from Ejetu clan)

6) Omadachi gopu Kaula (from Alatajila clan)

7) Omadachi giponu Kaula (from Ogbeche clan)

8) Onyagoche gi’ Iga Okpaya ( from Alatajila clan)

9) Ochonye clan Eldest

10)Ejetu clan Eldest

11) Otache clan Eldest

12) Ogbeche clan Eldest.

13)Okwoli clan Eldest.

This is my humble analyses and opinions.

May God’s divine peace, favour, blessings and protection continue to be upon Iga Okpaya.

Long Live In-coming Royal Highness

Long Live Iga Okpaya,

Long Live Apa LGA

Long Live Benue State

Long Live Nigeria

Log Live Africa in Jesus Mighty Name Amen

by BAO Halisa Halilu Isah

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