Tricks to get your girlfriend’s undivided love and attention.

Someone got it right. Jealousy may not always be a negative emotion. Some consider that jealousy in a relationship breeds toxic emotions that leave all parties worse off. However, it is also true that jealousy (within boundaries) can act as a catalyst to drive your relationship. It can push your partner to try out new things and keep the spark alive. Besides, it could even be an element of a prank when done with good intentions.

If you want your beloved to know you have a fear of losing her or want to make her jealous so that she is always close to you, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading this post to learn a few ways to make your girlfriend jealous in a healthy way.

23 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Jealous

Here are some simple ways to make your girlfriend jealous. When trying them out, use sound judgment to make sure she doesn’t get too upset. After all, you want to make her jealous to have fun.

1. Compliment other women

You can make anyone’s day by complimenting them. Your girlfriend would like it when you flatter her, but not when you praise other girls. One of the easiest ways to make her jealous is by talking about other women’s looks or behavior. However, you can be subtle by complimenting another woman’s career, social life, or overall personality.

2. Talk to other women when you’re with her

We don’t mean you should start an hour-long conversation with another woman when you’re on a date with your girlfriend. But you could try a few nuanced ways to make your partner jealous. For instance, text or call a female friend. While doing so, overlook what your girlfriend is saying or doing, and you may find her making a poker face at you.

3. Try to work on your appearance

Maintaining a good appearance is a perfectly normal thing to do when you are on a date or vacation. However, if you are constantly working on your appearance, even when running small errands, it could make your girlfriend wonder why. The idea could be effective if you generally don’t put much effort into your looks, even on special days.

4. Make it seem like she’s not your top priority

If you’re occasionally busy when your girlfriend calls you or have plans with friends when she wants to meet you, it’s perfectly normal. She won’t mind if she has her own social life. But if that keeps happening and hanging out with your friends becomes your top priority all of a sudden, she may start feeling jealous.

5. Forget plans you’ve made

Vacations, outings, or even a simple dinner date —forgetting these plans is sure to make your girlfriend jealous. She might get angry too. To make this even more effective, you can show you remember other occasions such as a sports match or a movie release date but not the plans you made with her.

6. Be overly polite to other women

Being a gentleman is all well and good until you go out of your way for another girl. Doing gentlemanly things such as picking up and dropping a female colleague or helping a female neighbor with daily chores could make your girlfriend suspicious. If this is not generally who you are, you will find the shades of jealousy in your girlfriend.

7. Show your talents

It may sound counterintuitive but can play a significant role when it comes to jealousy. If you have a skill or quality that you don’t show often, flaunt them near other women or in social settings and make her jealous. It could be you being an excellent musician, a great chef, or even something as simple as having a great sense of humor. Regardless, if she’s worried that other women will notice these qualities in you, she may fear losing you and will be jealous.

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8. Be secretive for no reason

You don’t have to act like a CIA agent to make your girlfriend jealous. You can lock your phone, chuckle while texting, or pretend like you are hiding things from her. She would start to wonder what’s making you act so secretive and get jealous.

Quick tip

Try the Von Restorff Effect or Isolation Effect to make her feel jealous. Always carry a positive and happy vibe and let her know you are having fun without her.

9. Show her you are happy without her

Everyone needs some alone time occasionally. But if you show your girlfriend you are happy sans her, she’ll be jealous in no time. Express how enjoyable it is when you hang out with your friends, spend time with your family, or stay in the office for a long time with colleagues. As she wants to be the person who makes you feel good, she will be jealous.

10. Have a close female friend

Platonic relationships between men and women could exist anywhere. But if you have a close female friend who you can confide in and she’s your go-to person, it could make your girlfriend a little jealous. However, you have to be cautious in this situation because things can become bitter if you are not able to maintain a balance. You can play pranks and make her jealous, but reveal it before it goes overboard.

11. Overlook or ignore her

No girl will like her boyfriend ignoring or overlooking her. To make her feel jealous, you can try rejecting her calls or ignoring her messages. And at the same time, if she notices you actively posting on social media or you’re out with other friends, she would be jealous. Do it casually and do not go to extreme levels that could cause her pain. Remember, you want her to be jealous, not hateful.

12. Be inconsistent in displaying your affection

You can change the dynamics between you and your girlfriend and make her ponder over it. For instance, be loving and doting one day and turn passive and indifferent the next day. On the days where you aren’t giving her the attention and love, she may wonder what has changed and if she’s doing something wrong. If there is no readily available answer, she would be jealous, thinking your emotional needs are fulfilled by someone else.

13. Pay attention to others, not her

When you are in a social event, laugh and compliment others’ stories, jokes, and experiences, and be more attentive to them. Try ignoring her all the while. It works better if you’re enjoying your girlfriend’s friend’s company. While it may initially look like you’re making an effort with them, she will eventually grow jealous of the attention they’re getting from you.

14. Make it a point to show how self-sufficient you are

Whenever there’s a prolonged separation, it is normal to show that you miss your partner or wish you were with them. If you want to make your girlfriend jealous, don’t do that. Let her be the one to call or text you first when you are away from each other. To make it more fun, you can even act nonchalant when she tells you she misses you or loves you by responding blandly, saying, ‘me too,’ ‘yeah,’ and ‘okay, sure.’ The key is to show disinterest and not to be rude outright.

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15. Be close to an ex

Even in the healthiest of relationships, exes are a touchy subject. If you suddenly get close to your ex by meeting or calling her often, your girlfriend is likely to get jealous. If she’s convinced it’s platonic, you can increase the frequency of these visits/conversations to see how she reacts. Make sure you don’t cross any lines as the objective is to make your girlfriend feel jealous in a healthy way and not hurt her.

16. Compare her with other women

Comparing partners with others is not welcomed in a relationship. However, you can do it playfully. For example, if she is late for something or forgets something, you can state your friend’s girlfriend is punctual. If she achieves something, you can playfully say someone else did it better. Such things can make her even more jealous as she won’t like it.

17. Comment on women’s attractiveness

It’s perfectly natural to notice attractive people from the opposite sex even if you’re in a relationship, as long as you don’t act upon it. To make your girlfriend jealous, you can comment on how pretty someone looks. Compliments such as, ‘She looks good in that dress’ or ‘she’s gotten fit,’ can make her jealous.

18. Get fit and brag about it

Regardless of your fitness level, if you manage to get noticeably fitter and post about it, people are bound to notice. It is prevalent in the age of social media. You can casually upload a vacation picture or post-workout picture to get a lot of attention from people. It can make your girlfriend jealous that other women find you attractive.

Quick tip

Confident and powerful body language can also make her envious and leave her wanting more of you.

19. Rave about your celebrity crush

We all have that one actor, model, or celebrity we are attracted to. That’s natural. You can talk about them in front of your girlfriend, as long as you don’t overdo it. You can pass innocuous comments about how they’re in such great shape or how the outfit or hairstyle suits them. While she can get jealous about this, it’s equally natural to be attracted to celebrities.

20. Be touchy with other women, within acceptable limits

Platonic relationships do exist and are normal. But if you engage with a female friend physically often, it will trigger jealousy from your girlfriend. Even if your intention isn’t to flirt or make her jealous, gestures such as patting on the shoulder, hugging, playing with each other’s hair, or adjusting clothes or spectacles can seem intimate to a third party, especially your girlfriend.

21. Connect more deeply with friends

We often confide things to our friends that we don’t with our partners. It happens when you have a close or an old friend. Sharing your deepest secrets, fears, and ambitions with them need not manifest as competitive jealousy. But if you show her that your friend is more reliable and you trust your friend more, it can elicit jealousy.


22. Don’t commit to a long-term relationship

Not rushing to commit is a perfectly normal thing to do and well within your rights. It’s okay to take time deciding on moving in together or getting married as these are big steps to take in a relationship. However, if you are ready to take those big leaps and want to make your girlfriend jealous, you could avoid talking about it or change the subject when she brings it up.

23. Look for attention on social media

It is something most people do, and not necessarily to make their partners jealous. But in a relationship, it’s an unspoken rule that you shouldn’t flirt on social media. If you do it, your girlfriend will be jealous as she will see you seeking validation and compliments from obscure or even random people on the Internet.

Deliberately eliciting jealousy is a tricky balancing act. If you cross the line, you may lose your girlfriend as she would like to be with someone who appreciates her. And if you make her feel too secure in the relationship, she might take it for granted, or your relationship could become boring. Finding the middle ground between the two requires sound judgment and moderation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it okay to make my girlfriend jealous?

If your intentions are not to hurt your girlfriend but only to tease her, then it is okay to make her feel jealous. However, do not go overboard. If you sense your girlfriend is too upset or worried about the relationship, it is better to reveal your plan.

2. How to make my girlfriend jealous over text?

You may change your display image, tell her you are keeping busy, or talk about another girl constantly, so she gets annoyed. You could even send her a text or emojis and delete them before she sees it. Nonetheless, make sure you are not hurting her feelings.

3. How to make her jealous on social media?

One of the best ways to make her jealous on social media is by posting an unusual status or a picture with an interesting caption. For example, you may post a scenic view and mention, ‘reminds me of someone.’ You could even try liking others’ pictures or commenting on girls’ posts.

Ideally, in a relationship, you want to keep your partner secure and feeling loved. But wanting to stoke the fire to reignite some sparks can be necessary, and making your partner jealous can help you achieve this. We hope these tips help you bring her closer to you. Remember not to go overboard.

Infographic: How To Know If The Tricks Are Working And When To Stop

You are applying these tricks to get her attention, but she won’t make it too obvious, even if she is getting affected. So how do you know that you have caught her attention or if you are overdoing it? Don’t worry; this infographic has all the signs you need to look out for to understand if your way is working and when you need to stop before ruining the relationship.

Key Pointers

A little jealousy can make your girlfriend come closer to you.

Ignoring her or praising other females in her presence might do the trick.

But going overboard with these tricks also entails the risk of hampering your relationship.

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