A woman popped up in /r/theredpill last week asking questions about what red pill philosophy is, I answered her with a fairly long post and the post got a lot of attention (triple digits up votes) which is rare for anything that’s over 200 words long, so here we are, with some grammatical revisions and additions for your reading delight, these were my answers to her questions.

The questions are symbolic of the common pondering which newbies who aren’t fully acquainted with the philosophy will engage in, and thus my decision to enshrine this interaction into a blog post (due to its utility), you can use the knowledge in my interaction with this woman to help you interpret what the red pill philosophy is among all the misconception, disinformation or logical uncertainty you may have encountered.

“Are TRP men anti-feminists?”

Most people who utilise the red pill philosophy are, the ones who aren’t are sure keeping it quiet, feminism gets a lot of logical deconstruction and criticism here. I don’t think in the time I’ve been on /r/theredpill anyone’s ever made a successful case for third wave feminism. From what I can tell, most people seem to think that after civil rights the ideology just spiralled out of control and lead to this emasculated society where the family unit lays in tatters and deeper societal problems are spawning out of that as a result, such as the massive welfare state, the taxes needed to fund it (transfer of wealth from working men to single mothers via taxation) and all the other economic/political collateral that comes along with it.

“Is TRP misogynistic?”

Some people are. It depends on the guy in question. Being disrespectful to women doesn’t necessarily mean you have an insipid hatred for them. It’s funny how effective being disrespectful to a woman can be in seducing them. I’d say most of us are definitely sexist, as in, we discriminate between that which is masculine and that which is feminine because we recognise them as fundamentally different but certainly not because we have a collective hatred for anything and everything female. There are probably individuals here who have been hurt very badly and do genuinely hate women to the core as a result of their pain, something that is often shamed as “bitter”, but unfortunately this is inevitable, people experience pain and they have to try to work through that.

“Does TRP believe that men and women are on the same level?”

No we don’t believe in gender equality. We believe a man needs to be strong to attract and maintain a successful relationship with a woman. We’ve noticed that when you’re a strong man, women become feminine, soft and less bitchy to you, the nicer and weaker you are the more masculine and scrappy they become. To sum up: the red pill philosophy believes in traditional gender roles.

“Does TRP get frustrated with feminists who are man-hating?”

The red pill philosophy doesn’t really take feminists seriously, we see them as deluded in their thinking and call them “bluepill.” The blue pill is essentially a slang term synonymous with “deluded” derived from the metaphor used in “The Matrix” movie.

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“Why does “an ideal woman” have to have as few sexual partners as possible?”

Women don’t need to work to get sex, sure certain men may present a challenge because they’re out of her league but if she works within her level and goes out tonight and tells a guy that she wants him then 9/10 guys will go off with her there and then and fuck her. It takes no skill for a woman to get sex and therefore it does not merit any respect or admiration. Women are the gatekeepers to sex, men are quite crudely, generally up for it most of the time, specific men aside.

This means her “conquests” are not “conquests” but merely offerings, if she is offering herself up to half the town, to a guy that doesn’t warrant respect, but disgust. It essentially says “I’m low value because I offer the best part of myself for very little.”

High value women should only be giving it up to a boyfriend, the signifiers of high value women are that they have had few relationships lasting long periods of time and minimal hook-ups, if she’s constantly in and out of relationships, or constantly hitting the clubs and bars and going home with different men, she’s probably emotionally unstable and not worth touching with a bargepole.

There’s irony here because if the girl is low value, guys want her to give it up on the first night because to them she has no value other than a fuck, however if they’re considering her for a relationship they want her to be one of the girls who doesn’t do that. The difference in preference is based on the approach. If you just want to fuck a girl you don’t really care if she’s a slut, in fact being a slut makes it easier to have sex with her.

If you want to build a family with a woman, you don’t want her to be a slut because it means you’re investing all this love, time, energy and investment into her and she may squander that by betraying you to fuck another guy.

Whores don’t make good wives, they make good lays. The problem is every whore hates the fact she is a whore, deludes herself that she isn’t a whore to maintain her self-esteem, tries to hide her past because in her heart of hearts she actually knows she is a whore and then attempts to “play the wife”, what happens is because she’s not been monogamous much of her life and had all these great sexual experiences and adventures when she was in her 20’s, she misses the excitement of that and throws the marriage away in selfishness, this can be because she’s bored or because she can’t resist the temptation of another man that’s on her radar.

Men are the de facto gatekeepers to commitment, they choose whether they want to stick around after fucking you. Your power is in your pussy (to begin with) your ability to keep a man lays in your personality traits. His power lays in whether he’s going to invest in you after he’s fucked you.

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If you don’t seem like a good deal, if he doesn’t enjoy your company or he finds you to be shallow or annoying then why should he keep investing in you? Because otherwise he’s an asshole or because of your delicate sensibilities?

Red pill philosophy teaches men to put themselves before women, much to the dismay of mainstream society – if it’s not a good deal to him then you’re not worth the commitment. /r/redpillwomen essentially helps women become “a good deal” after all if you want long-term commitment, you’ve gotta work for it. It doesn’t just drop out of the sky, nobody’s entitled to anything “just because” but the concept of earning commitment seems lost to most women, they rely on their looks too much – then they get old and lose their looks.

This is what is referred to in the red pill philosophy as “the wall” it’s around the age of 27 – 35 (depending on the specific woman) when a woman’s physical appearance takes a sudden dive south she begins to finds her life becoming less enjoyable because essentially, her beauty privilege is fading. Guys now pay less attention to said woman and because she didn’t spend her youth cultivating personality traits which men value, the asset she has exploited for the entirety of her life to get by is beginning to fail her and she can feel her power and social leverage weaken in its sphere of influence.

As her social value falls, her misery increases – it’s usually at this stage where women panic, they want a family/baby and become more open-minded in regards to learning new things and essentially try to give their personality a makeover in order to secure a mate; both because they fear the prospect of being socially unsuccessful as well as reproductively which ultimately leads to life loneliness.

This is the stage where if a woman cannot improve herself, she’ll “settle” for a man, quite miserably, who she perceives as “beneath her” because of all the hot guys she had back in her younger days, however because her sexual value has fallen with age she is unable to still get that same calibre of man for a one night stand, let alone a commitment and thus “the settling.” This is what ultimately leads to a lot of resentment and bitterness from women and constitutes a huge part of the core demographic in the most radical elements of the feminist movement, blaming their lack of social/sexual appeal on concepts like “the patriarchy” and “misogyny” to rationalise away their lack of biological attractiveness to the opposite sex and the social ramifications which follow from that.

“To me it’s seems TRP started as men just trying to get laid as much as possible and have developed the philosophy as a more effective guide to getting laid, is this correct?”

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Guys love sex, a lot. Everyone knows that whether you believe in red pill philosophy or not, this is the nuclear missile in the arsenal of weaponry of every insecure controlling piece of crap with a vagina out there.

Game is about having success with women and it’s great for everyone involved. Think about it. Most women just stand around, dressed up and looking pretty, they don’t approach they don’t do shit, they put no direct work in – their work is indirect, they invest in their appearance and then place themselves in a specific venue at a specific time, these are both things guys have to do as well.

The girls stand there like items in a shop window waiting to be selected, if guys don’t have the balls or confidence to approach you, you’ll have many a shitty night and many of the guys will feel regret the next day because they couldn’t find it within themselves to chalk up the courage. She’s certainly not going to risk rejection and embarrassment in front of other people, women leave that shit to the men.

A part of the red pill philosophy is about helping men get over that kind of crap and to get good at talking to women, approaching, seducing, building rapport and all the rest of it. In case you hadn’t noticed, gender relations are pretty strained thanks to feminism and women aren’t getting “un-brainwashed” by feminism any time soon, some are damn catty/arrogant and just plain unpleasant to even approach in the street. Part of having game is having the tools to deal with that and not care when you face rejection. This is something referred to as “outcome independence” and it is a symptom of one’s personality when they have built their own social value and sense of self up enough until they’ve reached the point where a random woman’s opinion or power to reject them means very little to them, they don’t delegate their self-esteem to the emotional whims and preferences of a random woman.

Thanks to said ideology (feminism) many women are simply undatable and not relationship material, however physically many are quite bangable so they’re whats crudely referred to as a “pump and dump.” That’s her value, she’s hot enough to fuck but doesn’t have the qualities needed to secure commitment. Most women get the aesthetics fine, but don’t cultivate the personality traits needed to secure long-term commitment from a high value man.

If you want a life long monogamy, your looks are going to die out around age 30-35 and there will be far prettier younger women around trying to catch your man’s eye, so you need to possess other traits which make you seem like a good investment and set you a part from all the sluts, the higher value your man – the more interest he’ll get and the harder you’ll have to work.

SOURCE: Illimitable Men

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