It is with great concern that the Southern Kaduna Youths have observed a distressing video featuring four youths originally from Kaduna State, currently residing in Lagos.

These Kaduna youths, earnestly seeking enlistment in the Nigerian Army, faced unwarranted humiliation, denial, and even arrest during the state screening process as of the time of composing this statement.

The reasons, as portrayed in the video, revolve around their inability to speak the Yoruba language and their non-citizenship status in Lagos, notwithstanding their longstanding domicile in the state.

It is imperative to emphasize that the constitution clearly defines Nigerian citizenship, and the Nigerian Military outlines specific requirements and eligibility criteria for enlistment, none of which pertains to linguistic or tribal considerations, such as the ability to speak Yoruba.

The Kaduna State Government boasts a significant number of Yoruba individuals in its civil service, some holding esteemed political appointments, tracing their origin to the South West. This serves as a testament to Kaduna State’s inclusive and liberal stance, actively contributing to the unity of the Nigerian project.

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In light of these events, we respectfully urge the Chief of Army Staff and the Chief of Defence Staff to promptly and urgently investigate this matter. We appeal for the immediate release of these young men and their fair participation in the enlistment exercise, aligning with the principles afforded to every Nigerian citizen, as the unity of our nation transcends ethnic considerations.

Furthermore, we implore the Kaduna State Government to establish a committee to thoroughly examine this matter, with the aim of preventing any recurrence.

Long live Kaduna State.
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


John Isaac
SOKAPU National Youth Leader

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