The Nigeria Police Force, NPF says same-sex marriage is illegal in the country.

Same-sex marriage

The police stated this in a statement issued by its Spokesman, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi on Thursday.

ACP Adejobi said this followed a recent trend on social media where some individuals who identify as queer were visibly encouraging and associating themselves with activities perceived to be unnatural in light of Nigerian Laws.

“The Nigeria Police Force hereby wishes to enlighten the public on the legal aspects concerning unnatural offences and same-sex marriage within the country,” the statement reads briefly.

According to the statement, in accordance with the Nigerian Criminal Code Act applicable in the Southern States, unnatural offences are prohibited under Sections 214 to 217.

These sections, he noted, specifically criminalise acts considered unnatural, such as having carnal knowledge of a person, permitting a person to have carnal knowledge of one against the order of nature, or having carnal knowledge of an animal.

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The statement said those found guilty may face legal consequences as outlined by the law. This is re-echoed by Section 284 of the Nigerian Penal Code applicable in the Northern part of the country.

Similarly, it is imperative to note that same-sex marriage is strictly prohibited in Nigeria.

“The Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act of 2014 criminalizes the solemnization, operation, and public display of same-sex marriages,” ACP Adejobi said

“We therefore emphasize the importance of understanding and adhering to these laws as any violation will be met with due legal processes.

“We remain dedicated to maintaining law and order and call on all citizens to report all suspicious activities related to unnatural offences or same-sex marriage, providing crucial information that will aid our efforts to enforce the law. We need to collectively kick against such while we urge parents and guardians to take note and support the Police in the fight against such inhuman activities which are alien to our culture and also punishable under the law.”

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