By Richard Anyebe

Thinking of how to break up with someone you no longer love but only likes, and want to diplomatically walk away without squabbles and issues?

Desirous of ending it smoothly so as not to hurt the person?  Then these tips can be of help to you.

1. Be sure to be honest:  Tell them the truth about why you are breaking up and don’t try and hide behind outlandish lies. If you tell him you are going overseas to work as a missionary, and he sees you the next week with your new boyfriend then he is going to be even more hurt, than if you told him the truth that you just don’t love him anymore.

2. Be Serious, don’t laugh:  Next tip on how to break up with someone nicely is to avoid laughing. This is going to be serious news for him or her, so you need to take it seriously too. If you have a big grin on your face when you tell him the news, you will hurt him even more. Have a little empathy with the guy.

3. Don’t maintain close proximity: It’s a difficult balance to strike between caring about someone’s hurt and giving them false hope, but remember that he or she may still care about you a lot, and this is going to hurt to him. Show some compassion and kindness when you talk to him, but still keep your distance from him.

4. K.I.S.S (Keep it short and sweet): Another tip on how to break up with someone nicely is to keep it short and sweet. Don’t hang around for too long, a breakup should really only last for about half an hour at the most, before you should be on your way.

5. Make sure the timing is right: You could say that there will never be a good time to do this, and you would probably be right, but there certainly are some very bad times that you can choose to break up with someone. You can’t hold off forever, but you can at least avoid times when he is already distressed about something else.

6. Tell him/her to their face: If you have been with a guy or a lady for a while, then you at least owe him/her the courtesy of telling them their his face that the relationship is over. A Post-it note on the fridge door, or a brief and blunt text message left on his or her phone, is a rude and disrespectful way to split up with someone, and it will also leave so many questions for them unanswered in their own mind.


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