The Nigeria Police Force has reacted to recent allegations of extravagant life against one of its officers, Inspector Christopher Marcel Nabugwu which are being recirculated on social media.

extravagant life

The allegations which were made by an unidentified masked female borders on the lifestyle of the officer.

A statement issued by the Force Spokesman, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi on Wednesday, said the matter in question was thoroughly investigated five years ago when it first trended, at which time it was conclusively determined that there was no validity to the accusations.

“The allegations, including claims about the officer’s residence and vehicle details, were entirely false and without merit,” the statement reads.

“Additionally, it has been revealed that the individual behind the video is an enstranged lover of the said officer suggesting a motive of vengeance or personal vendetta.”

According to the statement, the insinuation contained in the video is baseless and unfounded.

It added that its recirculation after five (5) years is “mischievous and a calculated attempt” to malign the integrity of the Nigeria Police Force.

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It noted that the force remains committed to serving the country with professionalism and dedication, adding that “we trust that this clarification puts an end to any misinformation/disinformation surrounding this matter.”

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